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Captured By My Target || Episode 1 ||

5 Views· 30 Dec 2021
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Description in process..✨

Btw if the whole story line where he explains "Brooky" and "Gemz" I'll be explaining that in the next episode in the description, because I feel like it wasn't really well explained so I apologise :'D

also someone said that the character with the blue hair looked like "Rin" from an anime series and I looked that character up and oh gosh they looked similar, but I swear I'm not trying to copy any characters, and I didn't even know that anime since I don't watch anime that much and yeah, please don't attack me "you copied a character from an anime series" because I didn't know that anime and yeah (╥﹏╥)

but anyways, I might delete this description when I make my new one because I want to give credit to the music and the storyline of "Brooky" and stuff and yeah

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